Plush is a salon that meets everyone’s needs, we are unisex hair stylists that cater for all ages. We pride ourselves on our consultation, this is often over looked in most salons but it is the most important part of your hair experience. This is where we can work with you to ensure that we fully understand your desired look which in turn will make  your style more personal to you.



Plush are proud to work along side Revlon Professional, we feel they have a great range of colours so there is a perfect shade for everyone.

Our stylists love to be creative with colour and keep up to date with all the latest trends, with continued Revlon training this makes it possible to do so.  

We also love to use crazy colour as they have brilliant and bold shades and look really fashionable.

If you love colour as much as we do then why not come in to the salon and have a free consultation  and make a start on a new look. 

a skin test will be required at least 48 hours before certain colouring services     

what ever you want


The weave is attached to the head by sewing the hair in to tight

tracks (braids) this type of application of hair is very safe and

causes minimal damage to the hair.













The micro beads are attached by clamping the beads to the

hair. Doing it this way will reduce the amount of damage to

your hair as no glue is being used.









A free consultation is required so that we can work together to achieve the perfect type of extension for you. This is to ensure you get the right colour and amount of hair that you will need to perfect your desired look as well as an accurate price.

Once your extensions have been applied your stylist will talk through what you need to know to maintain the condition and overall look of your hair.


When you prepare for a big event the way you look is really important, the stylists at Plush feel hair is a big part of your look this is why we take pride in creating your perfect style. Our Stylists will work with you to achieve your desired look for any occasion.

Wedding Hair

Perms are so versatile these days you can have so many different looks and are also a great way to get a natural looking curl